Have you ever had a conversation with someone and the topic stays lingering in your head days later? And not just the topic but the feeling, the connection and the ideas around what you talked about, no matter how long or short the chat was? That spark hit me last week while I met a few incredible women between luncheons, meetings and conferences where we engaged in conversation and learned our own similarities in each other....

We start our year with goals, wants and dreams and yes, of course,  we hustle and work smart, work the plan, plan to work,  test the work, research, strategize  and then exhale. 

We aim high and can even move mountains if that’s on the list but before you know it,  something happens that is out of your control.  

Summer is almost here, mid year is approaching... and coming quickl...

Hello Women who keep it "all together" 

What an incredible time of year to breathe in.

Go ahead... Take a moment and breathe in.



Breathe out the things that have held you back. 

This year has already been a hell of a ride hasn't it? 

I feel surrounded by women who are true game-changers and people who are working on big projects, launching into new careers, moving up the ladder, making epic moves and overall feeling...

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated and on track

during each month and every season.

1. Remember your why produce on purpose 

2. Don't just set goals but set a realistic timeline for that vision

3. Seek out the tools and skills you need to get there that can help you personally and professionally develop 

4. Set self- check points on your planner or calendar

to ensure you are aligned and on track to that vision

5.  Gi...

Dear Women who Lead,

As many of you may know, 

I'm the Founder of Women in Leadership League, a Director at an innovative branding and experiential marketing agency, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a mother of two and without a doubt, an advocate for women's empowerment, diversity and equality.  

WILL is my home and the community that surrounds it is filled with women who have incredible journeys...

Dear Women Who Can,

When was the last time you felt really on track?

We are talking about the day/month/season in which your circle of life is in alignment and your manifestations are on point with the universe? Not trying to sound too fluffy in a space meant for leadership, personal and career development but those are all lined up together in our book anyway,  so bare with us ladies...  


“My answer was always WILL...” 

That quote was something that flew out of my mouth at one of our Panel conversations.

I happened to be viewing video clips from our event just yesterday and I heard my own badass girl-boss-self making a big statement. 

I was talking about the spark that women have when they strive for more. It’s the answer to the commonly heard question that many of us hear time and time again, “How do you do it?”


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