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May 20, 2020




Hello Women who keep it "all together" 


What an incredible time of year to breathe in.

Go ahead... Take a moment and breathe in.



Breathe out the things that have held you back. 


This year has already been a hell of a ride hasn't it? 


I feel surrounded by women who are true game-changers and people who are working on big projects, launching into new careers, moving up the ladder, making epic moves and overall feeling reconnected with a sense of what they want in life and a better understanding of who they are and in some cases, who they want to become. 


Truth is, that doesn't come without major movement, extra time, effort and an intense self-discovery to understand, define, reassess and launch into yourself. 


Give yourself some credit woman! This season was coming whether we knew it or not. 


You are amazing.


That gut feeling, that goal-getter ambition

and initiative is what makes you YOU. 


Sometimes, we feel that our results aren't happening as quickly as we want them to but remember that every step counts.


Welcome abundance, apply gratitude and appreciate every season. 

Congrats to you for the role you play every day. The mom, the wife, the friend, the chef, the leader. 

Enjoy the process.

Embrace the Journey. 


Go On, Breathe it in. The new chapter ahead. Attract it.


Having a connection with yourself is a beautiful thing. 


xo, Anayancy 





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May 20, 2020

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