Change... When it's time to Pivot and Innovate

April 24, 2020




Dear Women Who Can,


When was the last time you felt really on track?

We are talking about the day/month/season in which your circle of life is in alignment and your manifestations are on point with the universe? Not trying to sound too fluffy in a space meant for leadership, personal and career development but those are all lined up together in our book anyway,  so bare with us ladies...  


Sometimes we need to get back to our "why" and surrender.  

We are often surrounded by our busy to-do lists, next to our calendars filled with big goals 

and the ladder we climb seems to get taller and taller with time.

It's key to separate ourselves from that temporarily clutter, and seek out the direction that brings you purpose. 

By doing so, we can try to land firmly with our feet on the ground hopefully, in the right place and maybe even the right time that allows for choice and change. 

This lets us move forward in a direction that gives us the abundance we've been looking for in our careers and as we move through life with our major decisions. 


Do I leave my corporate career? 

Can I make my dream job a reality? 

How long should I manage the weight of others before I start to take care of myself?


Rest and Reset.  

It's intentional. 

It's a reset of a new season. 

It's imperative in business and personal growth.  

It takes courage to ask for it and you, my fellow "women who can" - deserves it. 


xo- Future You 


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