Allow me to Re-introduce Myself

May 1, 2020



Dear Women who Lead,


As many of you may know, 

I'm the Founder of Women in Leadership League, a Director at an innovative branding and experiential marketing agency, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a mother of two and without a doubt, an advocate for women's empowerment, diversity and equality.  


WILL is my home and the community that surrounds it is filled with women who have incredible journeys of their own. 


We launched in South Florida 2017 and are still building as any young business does.  We've done some pretty awesome things. Sometimes, we operate fast and furious and sometimes we've led more slow and steady-  in both speeds, we have evolved. 

We now reach over 6k people in our media channels and have reach in multiple cities with a demand for more insight and empowerment in this world we live in. 

Each day, from city to city, through pop-up events and online resources, we can and we WILL continue to grow right next to you.  


By changing speeds, we have given time to better focus on what makes WILL, WILL. 

And that's the people in it. 


So what's to come... 

We'll be introducing these women, continue to talk to you on another level, the Real Women with Real Stories that relate to each of us.  Plus some pretty awesome virtual and intimate in-person events later this year. And soon, launch our online tools for personal and business development made with you, the modern woman, in mind. So many good things in the works!



xo- Anayancy   


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May 20, 2020

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