WILL, the Power of Initiating Action

March 15, 2020

“My answer was always WILL...” 


That quote was something that flew out of my mouth at one of our Panel conversations.


I happened to be viewing video clips from our event just yesterday and I heard my own badass girl-boss-self making a big statement. 


I was talking about the spark that women have when they strive for more. It’s the answer to the commonly heard question that many of us hear time and time again, “How do you do it?”


Well, it’s not magic ladies... it’s WILL, effort, love, sacrifice, choices, memories, people, intelligence, strength, influences, courage and so much more that fuels us everyday. 

Well, it made an impact with me. Hearing my unplanned comment roll off my tongue made me remember that feeling of passion and the pursuit of empowerment. 



I must say, there were many amazing statements made that day by our incredible panel of speakers and my heart fluttered because I could see the WILL in each of them as we discussed topics like The Modern Woman, Confidence, Managing Up, Balance, and mindfulness when being your authentic self. 


From what I heard, people in the room felt empowered, motivated and refreshed about the community of women who lead in life and more than anything, the realization that they were one of them.


Now that, is Magic....

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