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May 20, 2020

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and the topic stays lingering in your head days later? And not just the topic but the feeling, the connection and the ideas around what you talked about, no matter how long or short the chat was? That spark hit me last week while I met a few incredible women between luncheons, meetings and conferences where we engaged in conversation and learned our own similarities in each other. 


They may have been in different stages of their lives and yet I felt like I could relate with each of them on different levels.


That is the connection we create.


Those are the moments that motivate me.


"Where do we get motivation?"


This question came up at our luncheon and I have a unique perspective on this one. I should have answered with another question and said, 



"What inspires CHANGE?"



Bare with me... Motivation is simply not going to be found in an Instagram quote or a poster of a cat with the words "Hang in There" written on it. 


Those, to me, are not motivation points but can be indicators and reminders

of what we already know that we need to do to move forward. 

We already have an incredible amount of ideas, and even more possible resources but

what inspires change?


In order to feel empowered, connected, and even valued, you need something a little bigger and that, to me is togetting out there. For some, this is just stepping into the uncomfortable. Being faced with fear can make you think more clearly. 

Imagine the rush of skydiving or for some, just deciding what logo represents your newly launched company. 


Personally, it's face-to-face interaction that reminds me of my WHY. 

That spark is what we are creating.

That is the Connection in Community. 

That is the energy you get by being a part of W.I.L.L. and getting out there. 


Honestly, I just can't wait to have that spark again when you and I  meet virtually or in-person, 

and you tell me, what inspiries change for you? 


xo, Anayancy 


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May 20, 2020

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