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May 20, 2020






















We start our year with goals, wants and dreams and yes, of course,  we hustle and work smart, work the plan, plan to work,  test the work, research, strategize  and then exhale. 


We aim high and can even move mountains if that’s on the list but before you know it,  something happens that is out of your control.  


Summer is almost here, mid year is approaching... and coming quickly becoming one big salt water cleanse to the soul. (Maybe in Florida, our summers are a bit longer but we are all facing challenges around the world.  Keep in mind, We're all in our own season.


 Summer, for myself and the women of WILL,  

was time to simplify our needs instead of listing the wants. 


On that list... Clarity. Time. Power. 

The seasons change as they always do and Summer has been about DOING over planning and LIVING over learning.


Mixed in with a LOT of fun in the sun, roadtrips, ice cream, longer days, nights under the stars, and family moments - all day every day. 


Yup, I said it... even I, the super planner and major doer of all things 

had to pause and Lean Back instead of Lean In. 

Let me tell you... oh how sweet it is... 

Once I gave myself permission to do so, it all made sense,

clarity came to me, and time was on my side with grace. 


All the goodness that was meant to be is beautifully happening right before my eyes and it’s time to reconnect with all of you. So as lovely Fall gets near,  we all refocus on work, how to get back to it, apply our learning and start leaning in again,  Listen to the universe, it will help you not only understand your WHY but also your WHO. 


Embrace this phase, embrace this pause and know that time is a gift you give yourself. Time was not taken away from you, it was given to you. It may have been abrupt, and may have shifted your entire life but we are given the opportunity to pull back our arrow and re-aim where we want to land. 


Aim with your heart, be brave, and shoot. 


xo, Anayancy 

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May 20, 2020

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